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Jerry & Maxine West opened Custom Pools, LLC in 1976 as a family-owned and operated business in Converse, Texas.
"We started out with a small 400 square foot rental space and a very limited capital investment. Thanks to a lot of hard work, we currently own our 6,500 square foot building, complete with indoor display pool and retail sales area."
Since we started out, we have emphasized quality construction techniques & materials, the most advanced and efficient equipment lines, and provided the highest level of customer service to meet the quality standards that have helped us become the pool professionals we are today."
"As our industry continues to evolve, 'smart shopping' is probably the biggest change taking place. Customers want the best value for their money now. They're comparison shopping, but will spend a little more for a product that will last longer and cost less to maintain. They don't just want the lowest price, they're looking for quality in both product and service that will save them both time and money."
"When we talk to some of our 'loyalist customers', it's very satisfying to hear them talk of pools and equipment that are 10 -15 - 20 years old and still running strong. We know they're satisfied with the product(s), They will probably replace any equipment with the same brand, should it need replacing. Our customers work up to a brand loyalty when it comes to any of the top-quality equipment we install. This customer trust and brand loyalty drives our repeat business."
Custom Pools, LLC
Custom Pools, LLC
9144 FM 78
Converse, TX 78109
Office: 210 658-7054
Fax 210 658-9818
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